Daybreak 21 May 2013

Big Birtha on Good Morning Britain Tomorrow!

Exciting news!

(If you’re a morning person. If you’re a night owl like me it’s slightly horrifying!)

Big Birtha has been invited onto Good Morning Britain to discuss the site and the cause of us plus-size pregnant mums, and the discriminatory treatment we sometimes experience.

I’ll be on the couch with Piers Morgan (I’ve already been warned that I’m likely to get some difficult questions) and they’ll also be speaking to someone from the Royal College of Midwives to get the professional perspective.

It’ll be quick, just 4 minutes on screen, at 6.40am. So don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Wish me and my sleep deprived brain good luck! Slightly scared, but very pleased that the cause is getting this exposure!

Big Birtha X

For anyone who missed the segment (understandable, it was at the crack of dawn!!) here’s my update on the encounter.

1 thought on “Big Birtha on Good Morning Britain Tomorrow!”

  1. I had my kids and I was obese, I had 4 healthy girls with no problems at all . They shouldn’t try and belittle mums to be at all it wrong

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