Developing a Decision Aid for Place of Birth

Well, spring is truly on the way. How do I know? Because the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) research requests are coming in thick and fast!! Today it’s over to Dr Mairead Black to explain about their project. Plan-A mode of birth decision tool!

Image shows a smiling Dr Mairead Black, who has long brown hair and is wearing a cream coloured coat, stood in front of the Houses of Parliament.


Are you or your partner pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or a parent with a child up to 10 years old?
Do you live in the UK?

The Plan-A study is seeking to understand what information is important to women and birthing people when deciding between planning a vaginal or caesarean birth. This NIHR-funded work is led from the University of Aberdeen and partners with UK universities, NHS Grampian, NCT and a diverse public panel. The project will provide both a decision aid (a tool to support informed choice) and an implementation guide for its use in the NHS.

Would you like to take part in an online survey +/- a group discussion? We are conducting a Delphi study (a 3-stage process to reach a consensus) with women, partners and health professionals. This will allow us to identify what information we should include in the decision aid.

The survey is likely to take around 15 minutes to complete. You are able to add things you think are important if they are not included at the moment. You will also have the option to volunteer to take part in a virtual meeting where final decisions are reached on what information to include in the decision aid.

The participant information is embedded within the survey but can also be accessed separately.

The survey is here: ***SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED***

The separate participant info is accessible here: Participant Information | Aberdeen Centre for Women’s Health Research | The University of Aberdeen (

Thanks Mairead!

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