Have Your Say in the NHS England Maternity Review

Would you like the opportunity to have your views on maternity services heard?

Well, now (until the 15th November 2015) we have the option to do just that. NHS England is running a review “to make recommendations for the improvement of services for women and their families.”

So now is our chance to shout loud and proud about how we think maternity services should be!


NHS England says “We are very keen to hear from women, fathers, partners, their families and advocates, professionals, commissioners and people from representative organisations.”

“All your comments and answers will be treated anonymously and the information provided will directly contribute to the review.”

“We are committed to ensuring that anyone who wishes to share their opinion and experience can contribute. Every effort has been made to ensure that this survey is fully inclusive, however some of the questions or the language may not be relevant or may not reflect your experience. However we hope you will continue to tell us your thoughts and ideas to help the Review Team in this important piece of work.”

“The review team would like to thank you for taking the time to share your views. More information on the Maternity Review, including some regional events we are running can be found here.”

So, please, this is a very rare opportunity to potentially impact on the future treatment of millions of pregnancies. If you’ve ever been frustrated by your treatment, now is the time to stand up and shout about how we think services can change. It’s not about money, goodness knows the NHS is struggling right now. A lot of helpful suggestions can be cost neutral or even cost-saving to implement.

So, if you’ve had bad experiences, if you’ve fallen foul of BMI bureaucracy and been denied access to services, if you’ve been repeatedly told you’re ‘high risk’ despite not developing any additional risks, if you’ve had to fight for your voice to be heard, or and maybe especially, if you’ve had excellent care and think all women should have the opportunity to be treated as you were, then please, make sure you let the review team know.

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