Post natal study on high blood pressure needs you!

Hi everyone! Researchers at Oxford University have been in touch about a study on high blood pressure management after pregnancy. They need your help! I’ll let them explain.

Research team working on study on high blood pressure

Our study on high blood pressure experiences

A research team at the University of Oxford are looking for people who have had raised blood pressure in a recent pregnancy to take part in a study about your views and experiences of care following pregnancy.

Pregnant people with higher BMI are more likely to have high blood pressure during pregnancy and to develop pre-eclampsia. It is important that we hear from women with higher BMI to learn more about their experiences of receiving healthcare.

Postnatal Study on High Blood Pressure recruitment poster

This information will help the team understand experiences of care after pregnancy, particularly regarding high blood pressure. We will use this to develop ways of involving people in self-monitoring and managing their blood pressure after they have had their baby.

We are specifically looking for people aged 18 or older who have been pregnant within the past 3 years.

If you choose to take part, interviews will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be asked to read some information about the study and be asked for your consent before taking part. As a thank-you for taking part, you will receive a £20 voucher. Please read the attached study posters for more information.

If you would like to participate or get more information about the study please email the team at

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