Mid Essex Hospitals Trust (Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford)

Broomfield Hospital,


Court Road, Broomfield, Chelmsford, England, CM1 7ET

Tel: 01245 440 761

Here is their response:

The management of women with  high BMI is set out in the attached clinical guideline which has been very recently reviewed.  I regret that we dont hold data on the numbers of women supported under this policy and we are not involved in IVF at this hospital, other than the referral of women who meet criteria which are set by the commissioners of our services.
I also attach our clinical guideline relating to home births.  But, relating to home births or births in midwife led units – all decisions are risk based according to each individual woman and her particular health, not because of a line on a chart. 
With regard to use of a birthing pool, the decision is most likely to be based on health and safety ie the capability of the pool hoist to remove the woman from the pool in an obsetetric emergency rather than any other factor.
Please note that over 200 maternity clinical guidelines are published on our website. http://www.meht.nhs.uk/about-us/policies-and-guidelines/

Policies correct as of February 2013:

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