Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Their website says:

We are here to empower you to have belief in yourself and your body through your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting your newborn child.

Our ethos is to invest our time in you so that you have a relationship with midwives that you know and trust. We listen, we guide, we equip you to have a calm and secure childbearing experience.

We provide maternity care and education that we adapt to meet the needs of you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood by coordinating care for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You can find data about Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust maternity care on the NHS Data Dashboard here (best attempted on a laptop or PC as it’s a pretty big and complicated Power BI interface!):

It’s a bit confusing to begin with! But you select the trust you’re interested in from the drop down, and then you can look at the various data sets available and see how the trust compares nationally. In the image below, as an example, I’ve selected the NMI+ dataset which looks at how Chesterfield Royal Hospital compares with Derby and Burton on User Experience, from 2019.

Many thanks to Joanna for requesting these policies and submitting them to Big Birthas. Information on how to submit a Freedom of Information request can be found here.

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust Policies Current at February 2022

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