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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Their website says:

We deliver around 11,000 babies each year, at hospital and at home. We believe that women labour best with as little medical interference as possible, in a place where they feel supported, safe and informed, surrounded by those they trust and who care for them.

We provide a wide range of specialist services here in Leicester. Our labour care is offered over three sites and you can also choose to have a home birth.

We have well-equipped midwife-led units at the Royal Infirmary and the General in Leicester, and at St Mary’s Hospital in Melton Mowbray. For more complicated pregnancies, we have consultant-led delivery suites at the Royal Infirmary and the General. Our Home Birth team is a dedicated team of midwives who are passionate about home birth and strive to achieve a positive birth experience and safe outcome for both mother and baby.

For more information please visit our dedicated Leicester Maternity website:

You can find data about University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust maternity care on the NHS Data Dashboard here (best attempted on a laptop or PC as it’s a pretty big and complicated Power BI interface!):

It’s a bit confusing to begin with! But you select the trust you’re interested in from the drop down, and then you can look at the various data sets available and see how the trust compares nationally. In the image below, as an example, I’ve selected the NMI+ dataset which looks at how Chesterfield Royal Hospital compares with Derby and Burton on User Experience, from 2019.

Information on how to submit your own Freedom of Information request can be found here.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Policies Current at March 2013

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