pregnant sleep on side

Important New Info About Sleeping On Your Side

Tommy’s, the charity who fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth,
have just released some interesting new information about sleep position during pregnancy, following the publication of a large new research study.

In the third trimester, the advice is to go sleep on your side.
Research has shown that this is safer for your baby, whether at night or for daytime naps.

While the numbers we’re talking about are very small (fewer than 1 in 200 UK pregnancies results in stillbirth), and the researchers are not sure of the reasons sleep position may have a part to play, it does seem like this small difference in the last three months of pregnancy is significant, and is what’s known as a ‘modifiable risk factor’ – something we can do something about.

I’ve posted more information, with links to the relevant studies and a video here: Sleep Position During Pregancy

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