Egg freezing in the UK with a high BMI

Welcome back to Manna Mostaghim, PhD student of Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science! Last month, Manna wrote about weight loss drug Saxenda being improperly presented as a fertility aid. This guest blog post looks at the issues around egg freezing in the UK if you have a high BMI. Scrambled,

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Can Saxenda improve fertility?

Time and again we’re told how everything about our pregnancies is doomed with a higher BMI. We’re fed messages that we’ll struggle to conceive, struggle to stay pregnant, struggle in labour, struggle to birth, struggle to breastfeed. Since you’re advised to lose weight for practically any health complaint (Migraine? Period pain? Ingrowing toenail? Weight loss

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Research – Weight Loss Medication and Fertility

Hi everyone! The University of Plymouth have contacted BigBirthas.co.uk about some research they’re doing into weight loss medication and fertility. There seems to have been quite a lot of focus on obesity and fertility lately! In the UK, there are two types of weight loss medication which can be prescribed or purchased privately. One of

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