Marilyn The Misfits

We can’t go back…

But what a shame that a photo like this appearing in magazines, unphotoshopped, is completely inconceivable these days.

Marilyn Monroe Reclining

Marilyn looks great, but to our modern eyes, accustomed to a false representation of perfection, it’s now seems strange, even shocking, to see a tummy not perfectly toned, thighs that touch, breasts subject to gravitational forces.

That’s not right.

How has this:                                                           Become preferable to this?

Marilyn Monroe swimsuit

Eva Herzigova








Elle magazine in France ran a feature in 2009 ‘Stars Sans Fards’ where celebrities appeared without makeup and without photoshop.

Elle Magazine Cover Stars Sans Fards 1

Elle Magazine Cover Stars Sans Fards 3


Elle Magazine Cover Stars Sans Fards 2

I guess it wasn’t a great success, or they’d have repeated the exercise. When did reality become so unattractive?

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