West Midlands Maternity Research Study Needs Participants!

It’s a New Year, and researchers are back looking for participants! As usual, I’ll publish any I feel are relevant to the BigBirthas readers here. First up for January 2022 is some West Midlands maternity research.

Did you give birth in the West Midlands between 2015 and 2020? Are you from a minority ethnic background? Did you go back into hospital after the birth, and would you be willing to talk about your experiences? If so, researchers from the University of Warwick would really like to speak with you!

What is the research?

This study is looking specifically at the quality and level of care women receive after giving birth in
the West Midlands. Of particular interest are women and birthing people’s experiences across different ethnic backgrounds, particularly in light of the trend highlighted by the MBRRACE reports over the last few years.

What will it involve?

The researcher plans to do conduct one-to-one interviews, lasting approximately one hour. They intend for the interviews to take place virtually, over Microsoft Teams. The researcher will then examine the interviewees testimonies using thematic analysis, which aims to identify, analyse, and interpret patterns of meaning from the things the interviewees said.

Who is conducting the research?

The researchers are based at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.

How can I contribute to the West Midlands maternity research?

  • You must have given birth between 2015-2020
  • This must have been in the West Midlands
  • You must consider yourself to be from a minority ethnic background
  • Ideally, you were readmitted postnatally, but there is some flexibility on this
  • You’re happy to speak with a researcher for approx one hour over MS Teams

If all these apply, and you’d like to take part, or if you’d like more information, please contact Eugenia.Afonso@warwick.ac.uk

West midlands maternity research study  participant recruitment flier

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