Your experiences of diabetes and maternity?

Time for another guest post! This time it’s over to Fiona Allerdice and Jenny McLeish of Oxford University. What were your experiences of diabetes and maternity care? Would you like to share your story about maternity care, birth, and postnatal care with diabetes with researchers?

The Team

The Department of Health has asked a team at Oxford University to find out what mothers and birthing people with all kinds of diabetes think about their care.

We are inviting people from all communities to take part in a friendly, research interview of about 45 minutes.

If you have had a baby in England the last 12 months and you had gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes, or type 2 diabetes during your pregnancy, please talk to us! We would like to know about what care and choices you wanted and needed. What actually happened? What was good, and what needs to be changed?

The interview can be by phone, or a researcher can come to your home to talk to you. Or we can meet you somewhere else if you prefer.

As a thank you, you will receive a £25 shopping voucher.

What will we do with your stories?

We will collect together what everyone says and make suggestions for how the NHS can improve maternity and postnatal care for mothers and birthing people with diabetes.

This research has come about because service users and health professionals have told us that this is in their top ten priorities for research on diabetes and pregnancy.

To find out more and to take part, go to

Thank you!
Jenny & Fiona

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