Your Insights Needed on Obesity Drugs

I’m always really keen to publicise research opportunities. I think it’s important our voices and perspectives are heard. Usually I focus solely on research concerning pregnancy, labour, and birth, so this one’s a bit different. However, just because you shouldn’t take obesity drugs in pregnancy, doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion on them! I think they’re something many of us have views on or are curious about, and even if you’ve never used or considered using obesity drugs – your thoughts are still relevant!

Over to Tessa to explain more!

I’m Tessa Fulton, Policy Manager at National Voices. We’re a coalition of over 200 health and social care charities working to make what matters to people matter in health and care.

Tessa Fulton

I moved into the health charity policy sector in 2022, having worked in the NHS since 2008. My most recent work was as a Clinical Psychologist in a community mental health and dementia team. I am a strong advocate for a collaborative and inclusive approach to listening and enabling change in health policy.

At National Voices, our members cover a diverse range of health conditions and communities. This connects us with the experiences of millions of people. We work together to strengthen the voice of people: patients, service users, carers, their families, and the voluntary organisations that work for them.

Our current project

NHS England (NHSE) are testing new ways to access medication (also known as obesity drugs) for the management of obesity (as defined by the NHS). This will be for adults, and will move away from the hospital-based, specialist weight management services that exist already. Before NHSE make this service available to patients, they are interested in understanding people’s views. They particularly want to hear people’s concerns and feelings towards weight management medicines, and factors which might affect this. This will help NHSE to develop guidance for healthcare professionals and patients who might provide and receive this type of health care.

National Voices has been funded by NHSE to conduct a series of interviews in order to gather these
valuable insights.

What does participation involve?

We are looking for up to 15 people.

Participants should have previously sought, or been advised or referred for, weight management support in the NHS.

Each person will attend an interview of up to one hour with myself, via phone or video call as preferred.

We are able to reimburse people for their time. This will be in line with NHSE’s patient and public involvement rates of £75 per hour.

For more information and to participate

It is vital that the voices of people with lived experience are heard as part of the implementation of new policies. This is why we are pleased to be working with NHSE on this topic.
Please do get in touch with me: if you would like any further information, and by 27 November if you wish to participate.

Please also share this opportunity with anyone you think may be interested.

Thanks Tessa!

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