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A plea for help from the UK on a US website

If anything convinces me I’m doing the right thing by spending what ridiculously little spare time I have working on getting this website up and running, this is it:

Please please please, can someone help me. I am 10 weeks pregnant and currently have a BMI of 35.

Firstly, I have suffered with severe sickness since 5 weeks and doctor said it was ok as I ‘could do with losing some weight’ and refused to give me medications, and now I have had my first midwife appointment today and was told that more than 50 percent of maternal deaths in pregnancy and childbirth are obese mothers and that I will have to have special monitoring and won’t be allowed to have a natural birth at the birth centre and will have to be under consultant care and be constantly monitored throughout labour (meaning no water birth, no moving around, no getting into positive positions to birth).

I am so scared and disappointed, I feel like I am an unfit mother already and feel that the drs think I do not care about the health of my unborn baby. Now I know that this will not go down well with some people but I am considering a termination so that I can lose more weight before carrying a child (I have currently lost 70 pounds).

I came across this blog and I am aware that you are based in the US and I am in the UK so some things are different…for instance I can’t actually choose a provider and am stuck with who I have …but please, any advice would be so appreciated. Both myself and my partner are concerned and do not know what to do.


The Well-Rounded Mama: Plea for Help in the U.K.

Wow. Just wow.

Found this on an excellent US site I used to consult when I was pregnant (Well-Rounded Mama), and I find it so sad – this woman sounds so scared and isolated.

She has probably (hopefully) just had the little bub and I hope everything went well. Wish we had a way to contact her to offer her support, and wish we knew which hospital it was so we can warn other Big Birthas of their interpretation of ‘care’!

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