NHS England and NHS Improvement Focus Group Looking For Participants

Hi everyone! The NHS England and NHS Improvement Focus Group have contacted BigBirthas.co.uk, looking for participants!

The topic is postpartum digital weight management programmes. They’re planning to hold the session on the morning of the 14th September. Participants will receive a £20 voucher in recognition of their time:

The Blurb

NHS England and NHS Improvement Focus Group ad
(I’m hoping that when they say ‘women’ they are including non-binary and trans birthing people too…)

“Did you have a high BMI at birth or afterwards? Would you like to share your views about a proposed NHS digital weight management programme? Your discussions as part of our focus group will help us create the survey questions to ensure the programme is centred on service users and reflects what you want, from the language used to the content.

The group will be held online on the morning of September 14th. If you would like to register your interest in being part of the group please email emma.taylor133@nhs.net as soon as possible.”

Very pleased the NHS England and NHS Improvement Focus Group approached Big Birthas about this! It’s really crucial that we as potential participants have input at the planning stages of all programmes and research which concern us.

If you want to, you can read here about why Patient and Public Engagement when planning research is so important. If you’re a researcher and you’d like some Big Birthas input (we’ve got an active Facebook group of more than 600 members!) you can contact us here.

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