PEAcH Study seeking participants BMI 35+!

I’m always happy to publicise research studies looking for participants! Here at Big Birthas, we’re all about using the available evidence to advocate for the best individualised care. Without research (and by extension research participants), there can be no evidence to inform our decisions and support our cases! Heather Hopper explains how the PEAcH study is specifically seeking participants with a BMI of 35+.

PEAcH stands for Preconception care; Exploration of Availability and access for women with Health Conditions). You may recall that I publicised it before here. But the research team really wants to hear from more people with a BMI over 35.

PEAcH Study

I am a midwife researching preconception (pre-pregnancy) care as part of a PhD study.

I am seeking participants with a BMI >35, as this can sometimes lead to additional care requirements during pregnancy and birth (therefore can be viewed as a health condition). The overall aim of the study is to identify how to optimise services with a view to improving health and wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond.

If you are interested in taking part, I will invite you to a Zoom interview, lasting approximately one hour, and ask about your experiences (if any) of discussions, advice, or support you may have had when planning a pregnancy, or prior to pregnancy even if it was not planned.

I am interested in what you may have found helpful, what you would have wanted to know, or who you feel you would have liked to talk to before becoming pregnant.

Before agreeing to take part you need to click on the link to read the participant information sheet, and complete the consent form (there is a link to this at the bottom of the information sheet), stating your “medical condition” is high BMI or obesity. Please note that participation is voluntary, and no remuneration is available.

Many thanks for considering taking part in this study; please pass the link on to anyone else you think may be interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

Heather Hopper
Midwife and PhD student
University of Plymouth

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