Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Leighton Hospital, Crewe)

Leighton Hospital,

Middlewich Road, Crewe, England, CW1 4QJ

Tel: 01270 255 141

Please forgive me that I haven’t got round to analysing this Trust’s policies in full as yet. I hope to get round to it soon.

I figure that people might want the policy information as soon as it’s available, so have taken the decision to upload without commentary first, then go back and analyse them later. (there are quite a lot for me to get through!)


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3 thoughts on “Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Leighton Hospital, Crewe)

  1. I am pregnant and about to have my baby at Leighton. I have a bmi of 37.5 which places me out of range for having an MLU birth according to the guideline initially the consultant stated no it’s in the guideline. Upon pointing out that guidelines are just that a guide to practice rather than a policy which has to be followed we had a discussion and I am now able to have my baby in the MLU. I couldn’t have done this had I not had access to their policies and guidelines. Knowledge is definitely power so thank you.

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