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As with all plus-size clothing, our selection is somewhat restricted, but I’m pleased to report that a few manufacturers seem to have realised recently that there is a market for decent breastfeeding bras for bigger boobs, and so the options are increasing.

In my page on Statistics and Breastfeeding, I sought to dispel some widely propagated myths and put it on record that bigger women don’t necessarily need extra support with breastfeeding.

So now I’m going to go back on that, and say we do need ‘extra support’; preferably with attractive fabric, comfortable straps, and drop cups for ease of access!

Bravissimo Nursing Bra
Bravissimo – £26
up to 40K

Just be aware that the usual advice given to pregnant mums of an increase of one or two cup sizes may not quite measure up when you’re well-endowed to begin with! You may find that you increase a couple of cup sizes during pregnancy, another couple after giving birth, and still more as your baby’s intake of milk increases, up to peak demand at around six months old.

If you you can find the cup size you need, but the back size is a size or two too small, you might get away with a back strap extender.

Bra Back Extenders
Bra Back Extenders
– £5 for 3

Bra extender straps come in 2 or 3 hook varieties, and generally in white, nude or black (these ones from Debenhams come in white or in a multicoloured triple-pack, and are pretty reasonable at £5 for 3). Of course, there’s not much to them, so if you’re handy at sewing, you could probably easily make your own, but at that price it hardly seems worth the bother.

Unfortunately, if the cup size is too small, there’s not a lot you can do, other than shell out for another bra.


The greatest choice is likely to be online. It’s not as convenient as being able to pick up, feel, and try on the bras before buying them, but you do at least get a wider range to choose from and can try them on in the comfort of your own home.

Many stores offer a bra fitting service where you can be measured. Having a well-fitting bra can do wonders for your posture, your comfort, your silhouette, and ultimately your confidence, so it’s worth getting it right. You may find however, that after measuring, the store can’t actually provide you with anything in your size in stock.

If you can’t (or are too shy to) go for a fitting, there’s a really helpful instructional video on how to fit bras:

 What if I can’t find anything in my size?

If you really can’t find anything, which is unfortunately perfectly possible if you have a large back and/or cup size, you could always look at converting regular bras into breastfeeding bras for bigger boobs with the aid of a Nursing Bra Conversion Kit.

Nursing Bra Conversion Kit
Nursing Bra Conversion Kit

There are helpful tutorials online like this one and it really doesn’t take a lot of sewing.

Online stores with UK shops where you can potentially get measured

(check with your local store to see if they offer a measuring service)

Bravissimo – 21 stores across the UK

Bravissimo Nursing Bra
Bravissimo – £30.50 – up to 40G or 38HH

Up to a back size 40 cup size K

Marks & Spencer

M&S Bras
M&S – £30 for two – up to 42F / 40G / 38H

Up 42G (or 38GG, 36H)

Online retailers (or retailers who don’t offer a fitting service)

Brastop – up to 40G (or 38HH)

Brastop Nursing Bra
Brastop £29 –
up to 38HH

Cake Maternity – up to 42HH

Cake Maternity £46.67 –
up to 42HH

En Vie – up to 50G

EnVie Nursing Bra
EnVie £34.99 –
up to 42G or 40H

Debenhams – up to 38H

Debenhams £28 – up to 38H

Up to 44DD or 42H

Ample Bosom – up to 44GG

Ample Bosom Nursing Bra
Ample Bosom £26 – up to 40L

Simply Be – up to 40HH

Simply Be Black and nude nursing bra
Simply Be – £37 – up to 40HH

Figleaves – up to 40K

Figleaves Nursing Bra
Figleaves £30 –
up to 40K

Bon Prix – up to 46E

Bon Prix – £14.99 – up to 46DD

LaRedoute – up to 42E

LaRedoute 2 for £27 – up to 42E

Fashionworld – up to 44E

Fashionworld Nursing Bra
Fashionworld £15 –
up to 44DD (42F)

Hot Milk – up to 42H

Hotmilk £23.95 – up to 42H – up to 48E, or 46G, 42H, 40L

Nursing Bra Shop
Nursing Bra Shop £35.49
– up to 48E

Curvissa Up to 44DD

Curvissa Nursing Bras - £32 for 2 (B cup only up to 44B)
Curvissa Nursing Bras – £32 for 2 (up to 44DD)

and if none of these suppliers of breastfeeding bras for bigger boobs have an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder you like, there’s always

Amazon and


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Bras for Bigger Boobs”

  1. Laura Taylor-Byrne

    So, I have spent a lot of time searching through the small selection of maternity/nursing bras available. It seems like I’ll have to pay around £40 for a dowdy, unflattering and frankly deeply unattractive bra.
    However, I have come across an American site where I have bought a few nursing bras. OK, they aren’t stunning but there is a good choice if colours and they fit well. I’m currently a 40G and have found them really comfy as well as giving a flattering shape.
    Clearly there is a shipping and taxes issue but as the bras themselves are quite cheap it doesn’t work out too bad. I bought 4 for £85 all in.

    Anyway, I’ll pop the link here in case anyone else wants to have a look!

  2. Hotmilk actually go even bigger, I have a couple of 42H bras from nursingbrashop and from amazon (amazon were cheaper!)

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