Mannequins at Åhléns

Shop Mannequins – Why Can’t They Be Life-Size?

Anything about this picture look unusual to you?

Swedish Mannequins at Åhléns
Åhléns Department Store, Sweden

Yup, the Mannequins in Swedish department store Åhléns don’t look like your normal shop mannequin. They look like REAL WOMEN!!! (well ones with dodgy wigs, but we’ll forgive them that).

Even better, this photo dates back from 2010, and they’ve been using models in a range of sizes for 10 years according to this Guardian article! Hurrah for the Swedes and common sense!

Why is that so rare? Why are our clothes displayed on models and mannequins that have little more flesh than a coat hanger?

Evans uses larger sized models, it’s true, but then their clothes start at a size 14. What about large retailers who cover a range of clothing sizes? I’m thinking of you, Marks & Spencer, with your massive billboard ads showing ‘Britain’s Leading Ladies’ (not one of whom is above a size 10, I’ll bet, despite the fact that the average size of a UK woman is a 16).

The usual excuse given is that clothes look better on a thinner model.

Look at the two pictures below. Can any fashionista look me in the eye and tell me that’s really true?

Sensible Sized Catwalk Model
Can we have more of this ^
Skinny Catwalk Model
and less of this ^ please?










The photo of the Swedish Mannequins has become a bit of an internet sensation this year.

Here’s hoping some of our high street stores take Åhléns lead and find some mannequins which represent their true customer base. I’d rather my daughter grows up with a positive body image, thanks.

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